countdownto115 (countdownto140) wrote in 120splateau,

Hello and welcome!

So I've finally begun my quest to REALLY beating this plateau... I feel like I might be on to something here with what I've been doing lately, which has resulted in a consistant .5lbs loss a day. My plan is going to differ from others out there, but that's really the point of this community: to mix and match ideas from everyone to formulate a plan that will work FOR YOUR plateau ass kicking. My plan goes as follows:

2 CMI firecaps on intense workout days pre workout.
Work out usually consists of turbo sculpt, or some other cardio with weights, followed by pilates or yoga, then a jog.

My breakfast always consists of eggs and whole grain toast with green tea, sometimes a fruit, and lots of water. I tend to drink 3 liters of water a day to fight off cravings and hunger. Lunch is usually a good solid protein, tons of veggies, maybe a small starch, and lots of water. Dinner is usually pretty small in comparison, and usually includes my "splurge of sanity" for the day. My splurge is usually cheesecake, or some sweet that helps me stay on track.

I'm anxious to hear from everyone else and how you plan on breaking your plateau. Together, we can do it!
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