Zelas Hellmaster (littlelippy) wrote in 120splateau,
Zelas Hellmaster


I'm Jo, 27, 5'5". Currently 124lbs. My final weight goal (i started at 165lbs...) is to be 120, but Im currently stucked around 123. I'm hoping to find here motivation to help me shed my last 3-4 pounds away without starving myself!

During my (so far) 40-pounds weightloss process, I experimented a lot of plateaus. One at 135 (weightwatchers), one at 130 (Atkins), one at 125 (workout), and this one (intense workout).

I also have a plateau that doesn't involve weight: my abs just wont develop!! I do some weightlifting, and quickly remarked some differences in my legs and arms, but the darn mid-section is still as flabby. My stomach was my first and is still my main reason to lose weight/inches and tone up. But while I lose from everywhere, my tummy doesn,t bulge...thus I,m DESPERATLY seeking advices on that matter before i resort to lipposuction!

thanks in advance for the support and tips!
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